Location, location, location....

So I thought it was time to write a little note about wedding venues. As you might have gathered, location is pretty important to me as a photographer. If you have a variety of beautiful locations and backgrounds to choose from, then you'll get a variety of beautiful wedding photos - well obviously!

There are a few places I love to work, Blaise Castle House Museum has lovely grounds as a ceremony venue, Tortworth Court is stunning (but can have more than one wedding on the same day, meaning some dodging required in grounds), and The Barn at Berkeley, whilst small (and next to CattleCountry!), has some lovely photo opportunities and the function room is, well, barn-sized (and really pretty)!

But my absolute favourite venue has to be Clearwell Castle in Gloucestershire - there's a reason they're award-winning you know. The location is beautiful, there's plenty of parking for your guests (which doesn't encroach on the locations used for photo backdrops - always a bonus), and the castle itself is just gorgeous.

But the real reason I love Clearwell, and what sets it apart from some other venues, is that there are so many indoor places to go if you can't get outside - well our British weather doesn't always behave itself! The ceremony room is beautifully served by lots of arched windows, and the entrance hall is huge. And if the weather does behave, there are so many lovely hidden spots in the grounds for photographs that you might not want to go back to your guests!

Clearwell Castle bridal party on stairs

The entrance stairs also offer a rare opportunity to get a large group shot where you can see everyone easily, and it's also a great spot to throw your bouquet from!

I dont pretend to know how they compare in terms of price (it's a bit taboo to ask the bride and groom!), but I do know they have a range of special offers and discounts, so why not take a look? Here's the link:


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